libPCBUSB  Version 0.11, Build 1143 of January 31, 2022
macOS Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces
tagTPCANChannelInformation Struct Reference

#include <PCBUSB.h>

Data Fields

TPCANHandle channel_handle
 PCAN channel handle. More...
TPCANDevice device_type
 Kind of PCAN device. More...
BYTE controller_number
 CAN-Controller number. More...
DWORD device_features
 Device capabilities flag (see FEATURE_*) More...
char device_name [MAX_LENGTH_HARDWARE_NAME]
 Device name. More...
DWORD device_id
 Device number. More...
DWORD channel_condition
 Availability status of a PCAN-Channel. More...

Detailed Description

Describes an available PCAN channel

Field Documentation

◆ channel_condition

DWORD channel_condition

Availability status of a PCAN-Channel.

◆ channel_handle

TPCANHandle channel_handle

PCAN channel handle.

◆ controller_number

BYTE controller_number

CAN-Controller number.

◆ device_features

DWORD device_features

Device capabilities flag (see FEATURE_*)

◆ device_id

DWORD device_id

Device number.

◆ device_name

char device_name[MAX_LENGTH_HARDWARE_NAME]

Device name.

◆ device_type

TPCANDevice device_type

Kind of PCAN device.

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